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YouTube releases new podcast analytics and long-form clip features

A lot of platforms are trying to dismantle the monopoly that Spotify has on the podcast market, and YouTube is no different. YouTube is already the place where you post your filmed podcast, so it’s surprising that the platform is only right now announcing podcast analytics for its creators.

Creators will now be able to create a podcast directly from the YouTube Creators Studio, rather than re-uploading a video or audio file recorded elsewhere and new analytic features will allow them to understand how the podcast is doing.

As explained by YouTube: “Podcast-specific analytics will be available for podcasts. This is distinct from the current analytics offered. Metrics include aggregated metrics across videos in a podcast playlist, insights on how viewers find your podcast, demographics, and revenue analytics.”

“Up until now, Creators have been able to download their own videos in Studio on desktop but have not been able to do so on mobile. We’re happy to announce that we are launching the ability for Creators to download their own videos in MP4 format from the video list to their device, in Studio Mobile and YouTube Mobile.”

This is no doubt influenced by the great uptake in YouTube Shorts and short form video content on the platform and ultimately offers creators a lot more options in the variety of their content.

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