YouTube clamps down on partners’ duplicate videos

YouTube has announced an updated policy for its YouTube Partner Program (YPP), making it more difficult to successfully post duplicate content on the streaming site.

As part of a post on the YouTube Help Forum, the company wrote: “The spirit of this YPP policy is to make sure we’re only allowing channels into the program when the content adds value, and is original and relevant.

“If you upload content from multiple sources or repurpose existing content, you may still be eligible for YPP so long as you’re contributing to the value of that content in some way. For example, if you add significant original commentary, educational value, narrative, or high quality editing, then your channel may be fine to monetize. Check out this Help Center article for more information on Content Quality Guidelines related to YPP.”

Examples of duplicate content on the site include content that appears to be automatically generated; content that is pulled from third party sources with no content or narrative added by the creator; content that is uploaded many times by multiple users; and content that is uploaded in a way that is trying to get around the firm’s copyright tools.

Following bans for duplicative content, channels must reapply for the program in 30 days following review.

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