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YouTube aims to better connect creators and affiliate managers with MediaKit

The video-sharing platform, YouTube has released a MediaKit feature that will allow creators to better be connected with affiliate marketing managers. It means that brand deals will be easier to negotiate within the YouTube platform.

It is a move pioneered by Instagram, which has also released features to better create relationships between creators and brands within their platform.

What does it do?

Named MediaKit, the feature will act as an extension of YouTube Studios, where creators can edit and post their videos, and now, can be found as potential brand ambassadors. Creators can find it under the BrandConnect tab. It showcases a shareable summary of all the stats on a creator’s channel: subscriber total, unique viewers, average watch time per clip, etc.

These aren’t simple statistics either. All of the data will be broken down into demographics and audience interests so that brands can better identify creators that would suit their needs.

Creators can also showcase four videos on the all-in-one platform to present to their potential affiliate marketers as an example of their work.

What does this mean?

Affiliate marketers will be able to use the features of YouTube’s MediaKit to more easily make contact with content creators who are looking for brand deals.

Not only will affiliate marketers be able to find creators but they can even assess the potential for brand deals and how lucrative they will be by looking at the creator’s demographic and data.

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