YouGov Profile Peek reveals valuable insights about players

YouGov has recently looked into player behaviour and uncovered some interesting results. The Profile Peek data released by YouGov looked at the demographics of players who have played a slot or a game on a gambling site in the last 12 months.

Below, we look at some of the data they released and discuss what this means for marketing and targeted ads going forward.

Where did the results come from?

If you aren’t familiar with the Profile Peeks survey then you should know that this came from an audience profiling and segmentation platform that collected information on 350,000 panellists. There were 300,000 variables collected by YouGov to create these accurate results.

YouGov is powered by the YouGov power cube, a unique connected data set that includes tons of variables that create a dynamic portrait of the world. So, what did the results say?


According to the report of people who have played a game or slots in the last 12 months, 68% were male. 54% were working full-time and 34% had at least one child who is younger than 18 years old.

The top three social networks used include Facebook (77%), Instagram (46%) and Twitter (41%). Interestingly, 46% of people in the results listened to commercial radio. In addition to this, 26% said that radio advertising would be a good way to catch their attention. It is also worth noting that 39% of players own an iPhone.

Gambling activity

YouGov found in the Profile Peek that Football was the top sport followed by players (54%). This was followed by Boxing (28%) and Horse Racing (23%). All three of these sports are key for sports betting and so this is something to consider.

Around 60% of players claimed to have bought a national lottery ticket in the past year and 54% had placed a bet at an online bookmaker. When it came to instant wins, 32% had played and 49% had bought a scratch card at a retail store.

Attitudes towards gambling and marketing

YouGov also spent some time looking into the attitudes of the players towards gambling and marketing brands. They found that 63% of the nation believed that “sponsorship can help to keep companies socially relevant”. 43% of users believed that they are “more likely to engage with adverts that are tailored” to them.

In relation to games, 53% of players noted that they “prefer playing games where I can create my own characters and/ or story in-game”. This is really interesting and suggests that players might be more interested in video games with complex storylines rather than slots.

What does this mean for affiliates?

There are a few key takeaways that we should all note following the release of this data from YouGov. Firstly, the demographics can be very useful when it comes to creating tailored ads, especially towards those who enjoy watching and betting on football, boxing and horse racing.

Additionally, the suggestion that sponsorship can help to keep companies relevant is key and something that affiliates and larger brands should be considering carefully.

This kind of data proves very useful time and time again so affiliates and marketers would be wrong to dismiss it. Use the data at your fingertips and boost your content today. You can view the full results of the Profile Peek here.


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