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YouGov FootballIndex: What football do fans love?

Football league tables often show us the hierarchy of teams who have managed to score the most goals and win the most games. However, they don’t always tell us what we need to know about the players and which teams are liked most by fans. The favourite teams of gamblers should be a prime concern for anyone hoping to succeed in the sports betting market. Luckily, the YouGov FootballIndex is helping affiliates figure that out.

YouGov FootballIndex

The YouGov FootballIndex was created in an attempt to build alternative league tables focusing on what the fans think, rather than the team’s performance on the pitch. This index provides extremely valuable information that can be used by marketing teams and affiliates to create a perfectly targeted strategy.

Some of the questions covered in this index include the quality of football played, the best-liked players and of course, the best management. The YouGov FootballIndex is an incredible resource that should definitely be utilised by any marketing experts hoping to engage their audience.

So, who do football fans love?

Based on the views of Britons, Liverpool FC sits at the top of the table for ‘quality of play’. They are closely followed by Manchester City and Leicester City. In the fourth position is Arsenal. The results for the ‘most-liked Premier League players and staff’ aren’t too far off the previous results. In top position is Liverpool, followed by Manchester United, Leicester City and Tottenham Hotspur.

Fans also have strong connections with football teams that have lasting traditions. In top position for ‘best club traditions’ is Manchester United, followed by Liverpool FC. In terms of club management, Liverpool also took the top spot, followed by Manchester City.

How Can This Be Used?

The opinions of Britons don’t always reflect the actual performance of some of these teams, but they do indicate which teams are most popular in this part of the world. With fans focusing on things like tradition and club management, there is a lot of potential for marketing experts to focus on new strategies.

Sure, sports betting operators might want to focus on the teams most likely to win a match in order to get the highest return, but this isn’t always the case for affiliates and marketers. Sometimes, reaching fans who love their team regardless of their performance can be effective in driving traffic.

If you aren’t already using the YouGov FootballIndex tool to gather vital information on the most popular teams, you are seriously missing out. Learning more about who football fans really love can be incredibly useful when it comes to creating engaging content that will drive traffic and conversions.

We have only uncovered a few of the top results as this resource has much more to offer. As the season plays out, these results could change at any time. Check out the tool here and use it to build your marketing strategy for the rest of the year.

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