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YGAM report outlines the need to safeguard youngsters in iGaming

The Young Gamers and Gamblers Education Trust (or YGAM), has released a report outlining the steps needed to take to safeguard youths from gambling harm. The report outlines training to help teachers and parents spot problem gambling signs.

According to the report, 96% of teachers and youth workers now feel confident talking to young people about gambling after having taken the YGAM training, which is a great improvement from the 33.3% reported beforehand. Additionally, 98.1% say they are confident they can now signpost and support young people who are concerned about gambling or gambling harm and 98.5% say they can recognise signs of gambling and gaming harm in young people.

“The findings of this report are a source of pride, and I want to thank the team, our partners and supporters for their dedication and effort during this year,” Dr Jane Rigbye, CEO of Ygam, said. “Our focus was to consolidate and build on the impact of our existing work, while looking to the future through the development of a new strategy to guide us from 2023.

“The team have risen to the challenge; they have been flexible, inspiring, and creative. They have set the foundations to enable us to deliver programmes which meet the needs of those who have responsibility for safeguarding children and young people, in a way which will deliver continuously improving standards and real impact.”

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