XLMedia acquires 101GreatGoals.com

XLMedia completes its buyout of 101GreatGoals.com

Online publisher XLMedia has acquired all remaining interests in 101GreatGoals.com, an online football streaming platform. 

The buyout forms part of the company’s ongoing efforts to reshape its publishing network and focus on higher-quality content output. 

XLMedia plans to introduce a ‘simplified control structure’ for the 101GreatGoals.com domain, which includes optimising its existing global reach. 

The company chose to adopt a new strategic approach in February after over 100 of its websites were deranked in search engines. 

Utilising 101GreatGoals to boost global footprint 

XLMedia pointed out in the notice it released that last year, most of 101GreatGoals’ traffic originated from outside of the UK. 

The company’s CEO Stuart Simms spoke about how this deal would benefit its ambitions to grow on a global scale. His words were as follows. 

101GreatGoals.com has built a loyal and growing user base through engaging, up-to-date and highly informative content.”  

“This provides a very solid foundation for extending the reach of this asset into additional markets.  

“It is also indicative of the type of website that XLMedia will seek to develop as we execute on our strategy, based on a balanced portfolio of high-quality assets in attractive markets.”

XLMedia’s restructuring strategy is beginning to take shape 

After 107 of XLMedia’s affiliates suffered SERP demotions in February, a new strategy was introduced. Through this, the company is now concentrating most of its energy within its tier 1 and tier 2 websites and focusing on running high-quality and content-driven websites. 

The reshaping has resulted in some websites, such as its Finnish-facing casino assets, being sold off. 

New appointments have also been made. These include Ken Dorward being named President, North America and Sarah Clark coming in as Chief Operating Officer

In its update released on Friday, XLMedia said the following. 

“101GreatGoals.com is a good example of the type of asset that XLMedia will concentrate on, as it consolidates and rebalances its publishing portfolio, with an emphasis on content-rich, highly engaging sites in regulated and high-potential markets.  

“In 2019, the vast majority of the Website’s revenue came from customer deals within the UK, while around 75% of the traffic to 101GreatGoals.com originated outside the UK.  

“The simplified operating structure will help to grow and monetise the traffic to the Website, in the UK and beyond, with a particular focus on the European football audience and the sizeable US soccer market.”

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