Wunderino supports affiliate growth at AffiliateFEST

We caught up with Sam Kyller, Head of Acquisition from Wunderino ahead of AffiliateFEST to understand exactly why they joining this event to get to know more affiliates and support the development of this channel for their brand.
Why are you participating at AffiliateFEST – and what do you hope to get out of attending this exclusive affiliate event
Even though it’s the first time we’re attending the AffiliateFEST, we’ve heard a lot of great things about the show and expectations are very high.
The exclusivity of the event gives us a rare opportunity to get some attention from some of the biggest affiliates in the industry which we hope will prove to be very valuable for a relatively new brand like us, Wunderino.
We’re looking forward a lot to meeting both old and new faces, listening to interesting panel discussions, doing meaningful networking and to share our success-story with some of those who still don’t know a great deal about us.
Tell us a bit about your affiliate programme, and what affiliates should know about your brands. How will they benefit from working with your team?
Our affiliate program, Wildaffiliates, started when Wunderino was launched and Wunderino.com is still our one and only brand. Since the beginning, we’ve had a clear strategy and focus to really optimise our product for the markets of our choosing and rather do fewer things really well than a lot of things not so well.
We optimise the product in terms of our CRM, payment methods, design and overall marketing efforts to name a few things and this has resulted in (almost certainly) the best converting and (probably) the quickest growing online casino in the industry.
Affiliates have been a key part to our success so far, but we believe we still have a lot of exploring left to do within this field and we hope to meet some of our future key partners at this event.
What have you found are the biggest challenges that small affiliate entrepreneurs face in terms of understanding how to drive traffic in online channels and grow their business to keep up with future trends? 
I think that affiliates themselves know a great deal more about how to drive traffic than I do and the challenges they’re facing. One thing I see though is a lot of affiliates who are driving traffic in several markets “wasting” a lot of potential and one key opportunity I see for affiliates to grow their businesses it to optimise their partnerships with the operators.
Many affiliates are very good at this as well but rather than to push the same brands in many markets, including markets they’re not performing very well in, they should work with the best brands for each specific market and understand that every market is different and unique.
How does your business support and help these businesses to grow?
First of all, we try to be available for them 24/7 to listen and to answer any questions they might have. We also understand that all affiliates have different needs and preferences in terms of building up a partnership. Some might be well satisfied with a newsletter once every now and then, others might want daily contact and a very close partnership. We always try to engage with affiliates in the way they want and prefer, and we always focus to make sure our partnerships are mutually beneficial.
What do you think the future of Affiliate Marketing looks like and what can affiliate do to combat digital disruption and change?
I think the future for affiliate marketing looks very bright and I don’t think they should neither fear nor combat change, instead they should embrace it and lead the way as the future of online marketing lies within affiliation.
You can still register FREE for AffiliateFEST , learn more about what’s happening in the iGaming industry, and how to get ahead of digital change and meet Wunderino, who are vested in growing this channel.
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