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Working from home: Build a remote working culture for your affiliate business

As a result of the pandemic, more people are working from home than ever before. For some, this transition has been a difficult one but for others, the concept of working from home has provided new opportunities. Starting an affiliate business at this time might be the perfect way to enter the industry and really focus on driving traffic.

Of course, if you are planning on doing this, careful consideration must be given to the working culture, especially if you are hiring a remote team. Below, we offer tips to help you overcome these obstacles.

Onboarding new team members

If your affiliate start-up is in its infancy then you are probably going to need to onboard some employees remotely. This adds some obstacles to the process but it is manageable. To build a sustainable remote working culture, you should try to on-board new team members in-front of the rest of the team via video call.

It can be really useful to introduce them to each of the people that they will be communicating with so that your affiliate start-up business can run smoothly.

Communication is key

Like any remote business, an affiliate start-up requires a lot of communication. This is not only useful for growing the business, generating the leads and getting the work done but it can also be effective when it comes to building a sustainable working culture.

You need to make sure that your team know exactly what they should be doing and that they are getting it done on time. If you have tight deadlines on marketing campaigns and landing page analysis, communication becomes even more important.

Allowing for flexible working

Not everyone has the same working style and so you must be willing to adapt the way in which your start-up works. Flexible working can be a great tool for offering a sustainable remote working culture.

If your team are based in various countries, as is common in iGaming, the time zones might be different. This could result in team members checking-in at unusual times. Allow flexible working and your team will be able to make their own hours. As long as they get their work done and the leads continue to come in – everyone wins!

Use the tools at your disposal

Using the tools that are at your disposal is a key part of building a sustainable remote working culture. Working from home is tricky but there is software that can help and ensure your team are in regular contact.

We recommend content management systems such as Trello and communication tools such as Zoom or Skype. If your team are in different time zones, you might also benefit from time zone tracking tools. These tools are readily available and they can make a huge difference to how your affiliate start-up progresses.

Be ready to adapt

It isn’t easy starting a business from home but it is possible. Focus on building your affiliate start-up, networking with other affiliates in the industry and optimising your landing page. Company culture is vital, especially in these uncertain times. Stay in contact with your team and make sure that everyone feels comfortable in what they are doing. This should help you achieve the desired results.

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