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Women in Gaming: Caroline Steele, 1account

In the latest edition of Women in Gaming, we speak to Caroline Steele – Senior Client Director for 1account. 1account is an age verification platform which operates in the UK, as well as Norway and other markets.

Caroline has been in the industry for almost two decades and spoke about the changes that have happened since, as well as what she’d like to see change and more.

So, with that being said and done, it’s time for Caroline to take centre stage!

Affiverse: You’ve been in payments in the iGaming industry for a while now. How have things changed in terms of gender equality since you first started in this space? 

Caroline Steele: “There are definitely more women in iGaming since I started in the industry 18 years ago – which is really good to see. There are also a lot more women in the wider industry – including payments, compliance and responsible gambling.

“It’s not just about quantity, though. Many of the women I’ve worked with over the years have been fantastic role models – ambitious, supportive and helpful. We’ve built up a sense of community amongst ourselves, in collaboration with our male co-workers.”

AI: What are some things that you would like to see change in the above respect in the coming years?  

CS: “While there are fantastic female representatives across the industry, I would still like to see more women in the top jobs in iGaming – sitting on the boards of both operators and suppliers. It would also be very inspiring to see more women starting their own businesses in this space. ”

AI: What are the biggest career challenges you’ve had to overcome and which skills were key in achieving this?  

CS: “I think for me, it has been launching new products and services to the industry and making them successful. To do this effectively, you need tenacity, vision and a collective understanding of the strategic direction for the industry – and not taking no for an answer!”

AI: How do you see the industry evolving within iGaming as we enter the recession and beyond?  

CS: “Obviously, the lack of sporting events had a negative impact on the iGaming industry at the start of COVID-19. However, we have always been very resourceful through tough times, and I think that we will continue to be so, in spite of whatever lies ahead of us.

“The advent of esports has shown the appetite for technological developments and a continued consumer interest in betting, which is very encouraging. I also envisage, and entirely support, responsible gambling becoming front and center of the industry decision-making process. Under increased regulator scrutiny, I think it will continue to be a serious focus in the months and years ahead.

“I’m currently working on an exciting product that will transform how we consider and manage compliance, across a range of age-restricted verticals. Watch this space!”

AI: Who have been your biggest role models throughout your career, either famous or not? 

CS: “Professionally, there are too many to name individually, but they know who they are. Personally, I was brought up to be an independent thinker and stick to my own values – treat people fairly, and expect to be treated fairly in return. The person that instilled this in me was my mother. Growing up, my mum had her own business which was very successful. She taught me those important business and communication skills from an early age, which have served me well throughout my own career.”

AI: What one key piece of advice can you give to young women starting out in our industry today?

CS: “I think any young women starting out in business today – ours included – need heaps of determination, as well as learning how to spot an opportunity and grab it. They need to have a clear vision of where they want to be and try to make the right choices to get there. And never, never let a lack of confidence hold you back.”

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