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Women in Affiliate Marketing: Leanna Klyne, Affiverse

We’re wrapping up the ‘Women in Affiliate Marketing’ series by sitting down with Leanna Klyne – our very own Account Manager.

Prior to joining the Affiverse team last year, Leanna had spent over 10 years at Paysafe. During her time there, she held various positions – most notably as B2C Partnership Marketing Manager.

In this interview, Leanna speaks about how affiliate marketing has changed since she first joined the industry. She also speaks about the importance of events such as International Women’s Day, plus more.

Affiverse: You’ve been in the affiliate space for a while now. How have things changed since you first got involved? 

Leanna Klyne: “There’s a lot more regulation than there used to be. Because of this, it has become more of a challenge to keep up with changes as and when they happen.

“Compared to before, Affiliate Managers are now taking the lead more. More of them are becoming experts within this area, in order to keep programmes on-track and thriving.”

AI: Did you have any worries about entering the industry to begin with? If so, how did you address these?

LK: “I had no worries about joining the industry. In fact, as things go, I kind of just fell into it.

“When I first joined NETELLER in 2006, I was a Sales Agent for US-facing clients. My role as an Affiliate Manager came five years later.

“It looked like such an exciting space to be in that I had to make the leap. The learning curve and hard work involved were so worth it.”

AI: What challenges have you faced during your career? What did you do to bounce back from these? 

LK: “Like anyone in this role, I have endured failed campaigns or launched promotions that didn’t boost my program as much as I had hoped.

“I think that the key to overcoming these bumps is to remain humble and be willing to try a new approach. Our affiliates and partners are such a valuable resource, and it’s okay to ask for feedback or even pivot in the middle of a project.”

AI: What would your advice be to to any woman trying to make a career in affiliate marketing?

LK: “Take the hand up offered by others. There are a lot of amazing and experienced women in the industry who are willing to mentor, teach and share their knowledge.

“We all need a hand sometimes and these individuals are both an incredible resource and inspirational.”

AI: In your opinion, why are events such as International Women’s Day important for promoting women in the workplace? 

LK: “Full gender equality for all women everywhere in the world has not yet been realised.

“It’s important to keep celebrating these events, to keep a spotlight on the differences that still exist.

“It’s also a good opportunity to celebrate how far we have come.”

AI: And finally… what do you think are the benefits of a more diverse workplace?

LK: “Diversity ensures a range of skills, new ways of thinking, and a different set of experiences. A well-rounded point of view within a team will always result in better ideas and increased innovation.”

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