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Why you should encourage sustainable business practices

It’s Earth Day this weekend, April 22nd to be exact, and to celebrate, we’re doing our bit to encourage companies to do their bit for the planet. And the best way to prove that all businesses should be looking to make their operations more sustainable is by showing not only what’s in it for the wider world, but what benefits there are for the companies themselves.

Incorporating sustainable business practices is just good business operations. There are lots of benefits, including the planet, the economy, and perks for your business itself. A lot of these benefits can be found in the marketing aspect and are especially potent online.

So, what are the benefits from a marketing point of view? We explore.

It appeals to Gen Z

The younger generation is famously disturbed and outspoken about a range of societal issues. These issues range from BLM to MAGA, and they will take steps to make their voice heard. They blacklist businesses with practices they don’t agree with. And they support, if only online, businesses that have practices that they do agree with. This means that, at the very least, you’re likely to see a bump in engagement whenever you mention that an item is helpful to the planet in some way.

Luckily, a fairly universal and uncontroversial issue that needs to be addressed is climate change, and Gen Z is willing to shout about it. If you do make some mention of more sustainable business practices or items that are planet-friendly, you are likely to see a rise in sales.

They’re watching you

People across all demographics are shopping online more. More than that, they’re shopping on social media more. This is because they’re doing more research on what they buy. They are following brands they support, making sure that these brands aren’t doing anything they don’t agree with, and looking at reviews of their items online.

This is the main reason you want to put any sustainable business practices front and centre in your social media marketing campaign. Make it clear to your users that this is an item that, when they look deeper, won’t throw up any surprises. It puts what they’re actually looking for in the spotlight and saves them from wondering if a lack of transparency means you’re hiding something.

It makes you seem authentic

And Gen Z are still in the most popular demographic for marketing, and they are very different to past generations. They appreciate sustainable practices, politics they agree with, but above all else, authenticity.

There are levels to authenticity. It might be in the fact that you’re using an old iPhone camera to make your content, or it might be in the fact that you are being honest in what you say. Gen Z will appreciate that you’re flawed but trying. And admitting that past business practices weren’t helpful to the planet, but you are changing (important!) is all part of that.

Showing that you care about something more than profit or selling as a B-point to your marketing will make you appear authentic and appeal to Gen Z.

It will stand out from the rest

If you’re someone who is selling products in your business, you might hit a wall and think “Everything has been done!” Well, the first thing you should do is wonder how to do something better. We’re seeing an uptake, particularly in SMART tech, for example, of items that save energy, are more environmentally friendly, etc. Beauty is another industry that is releasing a lot of “natural” items, without harsh chemicals, that might be vegan, cruelty-free, etc. It’s still shampoo, but it’s better shampoo.

It’s the easiest way to stand out in an oversaturated market, and you will get to say in your marketing that your item is better. It’s better for the environment, it’s better for your body, it’s better for business.

It is good content

With social media marketing being so saturated, often running on various platforms with various media formats, it can feel like you’re going to run out of ideas fast. The sustainable angle is one that traditional media has historically ignored, but you’ve got it now as an entirely new avenue to explore. What makes your business better? Who is it benefiting? Can you see the positive effects?

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