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Why you should consider outsourcing your affiliate program to a digital marketing firm

If you are running a business, any business, eventually you will have to think about marketing. But the world of digital marketing isn’t as simple as the Mad men of the past would have you think and sometimes you need a hand from a digital marketing firm. Digital marketing holds a lot of vital differences from traditional media marketing. These ultimately amount to a form of marketing that is more affordable, therefore more accessible and, essentially, more effective.

Unlike traditional media marketing, digital marketing offers a two-way conversation between brand and customer, and also offering a means of tracking your customers with data, allowing brands to deduce what a customer is looking at, where they have come from and what has prompted a sale.

If you have a business and you are currently dealing with your online marketing yourself, you might want to think about outsourcing it. Not only will it lift a great amount of stress and pressure off of you and your team, but there are a lot more benefits to allowing a firm or company to take over the work of digital marketing for your brand.

Expert advice

The biggest perk of outsourcing your campaign to a digital marketing firm is that you will be guaranteed that they know what they are doing from the off. Sure, you can learn on the job, but a firm will have already made all the mistakes you are about to and will have learned from them. They will bring a level of experience to the table that you will not gain on your own and not for a long time. Their past marketing campaigns will inform your marketing campaign going forward.

You will have a team made up of qualified individuals at your disposal. Your company will establish, not only a relationship with you to ensure that you are getting what you want out of this development, but they will establish relationships with influencers and platforms for you to post on, saving you a lot of valuable time.

Digital marketing is always evolving with the tech available, which in itself is always evolving. A firm will be able to offer industry insights by sending team members to industry events and networking opportunities so that they can gain advice and skills that you yourself would not be privy to, bringing it back to use on your campaign.

Data control

As mentioned above, a big part of online marketing is the data involved. Affiliate marketing in particular is well wrapped up in data, acting as a means of directing customers to your site as well as recording who used the link and where they came from.

This can get confusing to new brands. If you are handling your marketing yourself, you might not immediately appreciate the data that is coming into your screen, and it will be a slow journey to understanding what it all means and how to use it.

A firm will already be trained in how to collect and decipher all the data collected by your affiliate marketing campaign, and even better, they will be able to learn from what is collected and advise you on changes that could bring in more eyes. For example, if an affiliate link isn’t bringing in the customers they expected, they can advise you on changing it and what to change it to.

Quality content

Another big part of digital marketing is the content. Just like a traditional media campaign would be nothing without adverts, online marketing would be nothing without content. It is the media that will grab the customer’s attention and establish the information they need to pursue your brand and make a sale.

Again, you can do this yourself, but the quality of your content will reflect the quality of your brand, business, and product. If you are creating content for your marketing campaign, you will gain superior ideas from your affiliate marketing team, as well as the tools available to create professional looking content, reflecting your professional business.


Digital marketing, especially affiliate marketing, mainly takes place on social media. This can mean that you will have to have various social media accounts running in tandem. Ask any influencer, and they will tell you that that is a full-time job. You might be able to look after one or two social media accounts, but they each have their own algorithms that each reward a demanding level of posting. Some are several times a week, some are every day. If you lag behind these goals and don’t nurture your accounts, your account will be seen by less people.

A digital marketing firm can take your social media accounts off your hands. It can post regularly, with quality content and optimise your content to reach as many eyes as possible, all while collecting the data on who is looking at it and what they are looking for and using that to inform the future of your campaign.

If you are looking for more advice on managing your affiliate marketing take a look at our blog, or for more personalised advice book a free call to talk to a member of our team.

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