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Why the return of affiliate networking events is so important – Meet us at PI LIVE!

After a long time, affiliate networking events are returning in-person. These can be vital for your program, and can carry many benefits that you can use to further your connections in the industry and the reach of your program.

Just why is the return of affiliate networking events so important? Let’s take a look.

A different atmosphere to online events

Online events have been great in the past few years. They have allowed us to all come together and keep the conversation around affiliate marketing and other topics flowing. However, online events have been less than ideal, and there have been many reasons why people would rather see the return of live ones.

Conversation does not flow as naturally in online events. It is difficult to follow some of the social cues that we usually rely on for conversation, and so some have found networking in this environment incredibly difficult.

Throw in the many technical issues that we can face when trying to operate an online event, and it is clear that, while it has had its uses, this has not been the best compared to actually being able to attend in-person events.

Network building

One of the best reasons to attend affiliate networking events is obviously for the networking opportunities. Nothing can compare to being able to meet someone in person to get a conversation going. Whether you are chatting to other programs, publishers, affiliates, or anyone else who might be there, an event can act as a bridge between you and the brands that you want to engage with.

Such relationships can usually be forged over a long period with a lot of back and forth. Isn’t it better to just get all of this out the way in a single day? With just one conversation at the right moment at affiliate network events, you will be able to forge a relationship that much faster.

Visibility for your brand

Don’t forget about your brand too! You need to make sure that you stay as competitive as possible. After all, yours is not going to be the only program in your niche, and you need to make sure that you can stand out against your competitors.

Reputation is key, and you need to make sure that you are always putting the best foot forward. If you are known as the brand that is always friendly and open for a chat, you will have people reaching out to you at these affiliate networking events.

New industry opportunities

Some of the biggest opportunities in your niche will often launch or be presented at affiliate marketing events. The advantage of the return of in-person events is that, for many of them, they will still be hybrid events. This does give you the opportunity to be in two places at once.

Rather than running the length of the convention hall to attend half of two different panels, you can instead tune in to one while attending another in person. You will be able to stay in the loop for anything that might go down!

Attending these events is necessary as it allows you to learn from the very best in the industry. By being able to chat to veteran affiliates and other important brands, you will be able to learn what is needed to make your brand as palatable and as forward-focused as possible.

Always a new event to attend

The great thing about affiliate network events is that there is always a new one to attend. Should you try to attend as many as possible? Well, not really. If you aren’t careful, you might end up attending more events than spending time actually developing your affiliate brand!

The calendar of events is always released well in advance, and this means that you should be able to pick and choose which ones that you want to attend. Don’t just stick to affiliate network events – there are so many out there that could be of benefit to your program!

Try to look at some that are specific to your industry, in addition to ones specifically for marketing and affiliates. From both, you should be able to make some great connections that could be of benefit to your program while also receiving insights as to how the markets are changing.

The return of in-person events is massive, and there is so much that can be gained from attending them! Take a look at the calendar of events, and register to attend some that could be of the most benefit to you!

Don’t forget – We are at PI LIVE!

We’ll be attending PI LIVE today and tomorrow! If you are attending this event, make sure you swing by and say hi – let’s chat affiliate marketing!

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