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Why privacy and safety must be brand priorities for affiliates

So far, we have discussed in great detail how affiliates and marketing managers can use some of the biggest trends of 2021 to drive their programs forward and take things to the next level. However, we also need to be acutely aware of some of the issues that might arise from our program, especially in regards to privacy and safety. Here is why you must make it a priority for your program no matter what.

Emerging channels

We live in a world where the digital landscape is always changing and reshaping. There are more ways than ever before to access information online, and new channels are launched constantly that could help people push out content online. However, with that can come some issues of privacy and safety.

Many advertising standards agencies are currently looking into privacy regulations and the use of cookies on various sites. Any changes could affect advertisers and affiliates who make use of cookies as part of their marketing strategies. Being prepared to both change your program to suit these new emerging channels as they arise, but also to allow for any changes in compliance laws that you might face too.

Multiple marketplaces

As iGaming affiliates, we have the responsibility to promote safer gambling and to ensure that all the sites that we promote are well-regulated and uphold the gambling laws of the jurisdictions that we operate in. Of course, nowadays many affiliates offer links for online casinos that operate across multiple jurisdictions.

It is therefore of the greatest importance that your affiliate platform is compliant with all of these varying jurisdictions. Every country has its own gambling laws. Some are stricter than others, and some might have important conditions you need to be aware of such as deposit limits. When offering opportunities to customers, affiliates need to make sure that they are delivering ones that will be compliant with any and all gambling laws to best protect the privacy and safety of their customers.

Build for the future

With the real world currently proving to be extremely turbulent, it is hard to predict where things will shift in the future. Therefore, it is incredibly important that we are running ads and campaigns that best nurture the privacy and safety of not just our customers but also for ourselves.

If you have not already, you need to consider creating a brand safety profile. This will help you better manage your content and can help to promote your reputation when used properly. Work out which content is going to be out of the question for your brand, and ensure that everything you do put out aligns with your values.

Promoting privacy and safety means that you are going to be able to secure the longevity of your brand for hopefully a long time to come. Take the time to create an affiliate brand that prides itself on its commitment to security no matter how laws and regulations might change – it is a stance that will always serve you well.

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