Why developers should use video games as the blueprint for their slots

Fredrik Johansson, the founder and CEO of Fantasma Games, says that mobile slots with a video game heart will be key to engaging players on a new level.

It has been found that online slot developers go to great lengths in order to build and launch games which see the player experience being taken to the next level; and its seen that today’s players are demanding far more than just the ability to spin and win. They want to be engaged and entertained and immersed in a thrilling and exciting experience.

In order to do this, Fredrik believes that the best approach is to bring together the worlds of both online slots and video games, through combining both elements with innovative gamification features. 

There are several reasons for this. 

Video games are known to deliver a highly entertaining and immersive experience for players, which has been consistently achieved through missions and tasks that a player must complete.

In doing so, points are earned, levels are cleared, features are unlocked and rewards are received. These are the stepping stones which are taken to developing an attachment and a love for a game, because progression is made and a sense of achievement is felt.

Many of these game are also played on mobile, the channel of choice of a huge demographic of players.

In comparison, traditional slots do not offer this, players bet and spin and thats about it – this is something that the team at Fantasma Games are changing and improving.

Online casino and slots must now compete with a huge range of gaming options which can be accessed via a tap and swipe of the finger from a smartphone. People crave the journey which they take when playing a game, and the most effective way of doing this is through combining stories, characters, missions, levels and rewards into the traditional slot games.

All of this and more can be built into an online slot game that has been designed to be played specifically on mobile. Mobile slots with the heart of a video game.

Fantasma Games have aimed to achieve this with a titles such as Flower Fortunes slot. This has four levels that players can climb through in order to reach the bonus game. On reaching the bonus game – a deal or no deal format mini-game – players then have to pick one of three flowers to unlock a prize. Again, the is taken from the video gaming world. 

With this being said, developers must remember that a big part of why people play online casino is for the big win potential.

All told, players have 531,441 win lines and the possibility to win 18,480x their initial bet. This, we believe, brings together the best of video games with the big win potential of online slots. 

In addition to this, this approach only works if the slot game has been designed specifically to be played on a smartphone device. 

As a channel of choice for a growing number of players, and as the only way in which developers, and their operator partners will engage in this lucrative demographic, means that developers will also have to change how they approach mobile development. At the moment, most build games are to be played in landscape, but the future is portrait.

This is to facilitate one-handed play, which allows players to remain engaged with a slot game no matter where they are or what they are doing.

The portrait screen real estate also opens up a lot of opportunities for creating never seen before features and functionalist, such as the expanding reel matrix that Fantasma Games have developed.

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