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Which iGaming markets should affiliate managers target in 2022?

There are a lot of new ways, going into 2022, that affiliate marketers representing iGaming can make their mark amongst new players. The name of the game on the internet is evolution, and considering both iGaming and affiliate marketing are exclusively on the internet, they are both industries that will have to adapt to the ever-changing trends.  

Going into the new year, there will be a great shake-up of marketing operations, and the iGaming industry will be no different. Take a look at our guide to keeping up with the new markets iGaming should be targeting in 2022.  


Influencers are as much a part of affiliate marketing as affiliate links and they continue to be used because they work.  

However, more a change in society than a change in marketing, viewers are becoming increasingly cynical of big influencers. They seem disingenuous, inauthentic, and sometimes, they are considered someone customers don’t want to support due to their actions not meeting the priorities of the fans.  

Affiliate marketers can not only sidestep the risks of bigger influencers with success going to their head, but also attract new customers by working with smaller influencers. Their high-quality content and untarnished reputations make for great conversion rates.  


Rather than hashtags being the way forward for being heard on social media, there are communities. On Facebook and TikTok in particular, people are finding their people and cutting out their own niches of the platform, although on Facebook they are called groups.  

This presents an opportunity to hit very specific customers. As a player in the iGaming industry, you can target any gambling enthusiasts, covering poker communities, online slot communities, sports betting communities, and all the tournaments and events that are covered by your online casino.  

It also allows you to be as broad or as narrow as you want with your targeting. If the basic demographic of slot players are middle-aged men, for example, you could target slot players, or target a range of interests of middle-aged men, like sports, mechanics, politics, etc.  

If you can infiltrate a community, allowing a trusted micro-influencer to promote your brand, the community, having like-minded people around them and therefore an elevated level of trust, will embrace the brand and, if you’re lucky, become a part of the culture of the community. 

Social media 

Marketing on social media has thus far been contained, for the most part, within three main platforms: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. But as each of these platforms gain their own bad press, customers are looking elsewhere for some variety.  

In the past couple of years, moves have been made to improve apps and new customers have been migrating to platforms like Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok, and more.  

To ignore these new communities would be like leaving money on the table. However, they are not about to be swayed by shoddy content either. As they become more aware and learn to spot an ad quickly, brands will have to get creative with their content and learn to blend in with each individual platform’s style. It won’t be enough to simply make an ad but cut it down to 30 seconds to fit a TikTok app, it will have to feature a TikTok influencer or trend.  


With cryptocurrency’s slow ascending into the mainstream, there are still a lot of industries and therefore a lot of people who haven’t embraced it. To everyone else, it is a concept that doesn’t make sense. Is it money? Is it data? If no one is using it practically, why should I care? 

However, one industry that has embraced crypto, as well as its customers, is iGaming. Both industries attract tech fans who like to play with money, and therefore there is a substantial overlap in customers that the iGaming industry is only starting to take advantage of.  

A few online casinos are accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment, but only Bitcoin. It is the safest option amongst crypto so that makes sense, but a lot of online casinos are missing out on the opportunities that it is bringing. Players who like crypto are enjoying quicker withdrawal rates due to crypto’s ability to bypass the red tape that the bank offers, which significantly will raise customer satisfaction and reduce disputes.  

With crypto becoming the hottest new thing, the iGaming industry can take advantage of all the crypto marketing that is already going on. There are money influencers, crypto stockbrokers posting content online, etc.  

These are a few of the most influential ways marketing is going to change in 2022, and iGaming businesses can take advantage of these new fads to reach new customers and build their brands. 

If you are looking for more advice on affiliate marketing, take a look at our blog, or book a free call with a member of our team for more personalised advice from an expert. 

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