What four key things should be considered when eyeing the US affiliate market

Over the last recent months, it has been almost impossible to ignore the re-opening of the US betting market with a number of affiliate businesses announcing their entry into the arena. Many have been sitting back to see what the market holds as its complexity has been undeniable. The US market as begun to offer an opportunity which can allow the present to change the future through the lessons which have been learnt from the past.

These tips offer some insight that could help you tackle entry into a market which could come to dominate in future.

Define your value in the state by state regulation

Currently each state is working at its own pace to regulate their own market place. State by state localisation in marketing needs to be considered. It could become a complex thing to keep control of when running global campaigns across different countries for affiliates and operators alike. The licensing process which can be stringent, also means that operators will be considering what the best way to spend their digital marketing budget will be. Operators will be looking to see how the affiliate channel can complement their existing marketing activity in each state and therefore affiliates will have to consider what they are bringing to the table, to offer value, and have a clear purpose to stand out from their compeitors.

Think to educate – before you sell

Similarly, affiliates in the US market will need to consider their audience engagement and localise content and offers. Customer personalisation is now so much more advanced than it once was. This means affiliates can build custom offers and target promotions for a variety of betting segments. New audiences will need to be educated to the benefits, opportunities, and differences between online betting brands. The rise of the millennial and the varied cultures and preferences of each state coupled with where and how customers will watch their favourite sports is going to be key.

Innovation will be always be key

Data is now something that is instantly available. However will US affiliates take advantage of this? Will operators use data driven marketing strategies to acquire and convert customers locally to their offers? Experimental marketing could be an approach which could play a role here when it comes to the conversion from offline to online entertainment. This is where affiliates could really look to innovate while also offering unique value. They are more agile in their approach and fact finding and can pivot campaigns quickly to optimise experiences around the communities they are so adept at building.

Learn from the past, build a solid future

One of the most exciting things to come from the gradual opening of the US market is the idea of operators, marketers and affiliates having the ability to learn from the mistakes that were made in affiliate marketing’s past. Those who invest here are giving themselves the opportunity to build a solid future while also offering agile campaigns and quality user experiences.

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