What could the European Super League mean for affiliates?

The announcement of the European Super League has caused outrage across the world of football. With managers, players, and fans alike all furious at the announcement that these teams will be leaving their leagues and starting the new ones, it could have knock-on effects for the world of sports betting and affiliates too.

What is actually happening?

Twelve of Europe’s top clubs have announced that they will be setting up a new competition called the European Super League. The main goal of this, they claim, is to “save football” following the struggles the game has seen following the COVID-19 outbreak. The creation of this league would then be seen as a rival to the UEFA’s Champions League.

These teams include six of the most well-known in the UK – Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, and Tottenham.

Though it might seem like a good idea on paper to have a league where the elite teams can play each other, it is important to remember that the Champions League does facilitate this already. For many, it is thought that this is not a move to better the clubs and the sport of football as a whole, but for the owners of the clubs to further their own desires.

Immediate effects

The announcement of this league has been met with fury by many parties, especially UEFA. They are moving quickly to kick these teams out of UEFA. In turn, this will have a massive outcome on the outcome of several major tournaments in both European and global football.

Firstly, the Champions League and the Europa League are still very much playing out. If these teams are removed, it could mean a quick reshuffle to see who might actually come out on top.

However, we also have to consider the Euros, postponed from 2020, and the qualifying rounds of the 2022 World Cup – the latter of which are playing out just now. Many of the players of these twelve clubs in the European Super League also play for their national teams. If they get banned by UEFA, it could mean a scramble for national teams to find players to replace some of their best – meaning that they could be heading to some of the biggest competitions in football without their star players.

What this means for affiliates

Affiliates with ties to sports betting brands need to brace themselves for some major changes that could be happening in the next few weeks. This is likely to be a matter that moves very quickly – whether things push forward with plans for the league or the idea is folded.

It is incredibly telling that some of the major teams of France and Germany have turned down offers to join the league – notably Bayern Munich, Dortmund, and PSG.

Affiliates need to be aware of both the outcome and fan reaction here, so they can best gauge what moves to take if the European Super League does move ahead. You could have the best marketing strategy in the world designed to offer great deals for this new league, but if the fans are boycotting it then you are going to see very little in return. The audience and fanbases will prove to be a key decider in whether or not these plans are a success.

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