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Welcome to 2024: Things I Learned in 2023

Welcome to the first episode of the Affiliate Marketing Podcast for 2024. In this reflective episode, Lee-Ann focuses on the key learnings and accomplishments Affiverse has taken from 2023. She discusses the rebranding of the company and the huge success of the award-winning Affiverse Agency Team. Lee-Ann also shares personal lessons learned, including: the importance of self-preservation, taking measured risks, and embracing failure. She emphasises the need for authenticity and staying true to oneself in the industry. PLUS, she gives you a sneak preview of upcoming events and offerings for 2024, including a revised AMPP coaching course and a BRAND NEW Affiliate Industry Survey. 

Listen in here for all of the insights:

Lessons Learned

Lee-Ann begins by detailing just how busy 2023 was for Affiverse, “It was a very busy year! Some would say too busy! And… we did a little too much and lost our perspective at times, in our focus and pursuit of global growth. Now that’s not altogether a bad thing, but it sure made for a wild ride!

I learned to focus on the things that really matter, and not get distracted by every idea that comes into our town halls each month. We have an incredibly talented team who want to do more and keep wanting to do better, but doing one thing – really well – can also make the difference between success and failure.

I learnt some hard lessons about running an independently owned business. I’m not afraid to say that I have made a few mistakes. But I also learned from them. I procrastinated on big projects before hitting the GO button, I hesitated as I was afraid to make a decision and was always conscious of the risks. I also made a few mistakes which I quickly had to rectify and learn from. The point is you have to fail forward. At the time you feel like a fool but it’s that failure that spurs you to grow and learn and without it you just won’t achieve new successes. So embrace that this year. Be prepared to fail a little because that’s where you’ll hit the silver linings.”

The Importance of Remaining Authentic

Lee-Ann explains, “There is an image that I saw online recently, that sums this journey up perfectly in a graph. You tend to swing from thinking “YAHOO this is working!”, to “Oh my word, we may go bust”, straight back up to “YES we’re winning!” This is how you can feel in your affiliate program sometimes, too. Especially when algorithms change and traffic sources die out but we learn to roll with the punches and always keep carrying ON! 

“People will always copy what they deem to be a success. Brands may try to be just like you, they may even mimic your content, pricing, promotions – but they will never BE you. Stay true to your authenticity and you’ll attract the right clients, the right people, the right partnerships that make sense for your business.  As an affiliate manager I want you to be true to your own unique self. Don’t try and be like someone else you admire as that simply won’t get you authenticity in connections.

The world is made of Lions and Sheep. Which one will you be this year and how will you stop the envy (go back and listen to that webinar I mentioned called the 7 deadly sins) and be conscious from letting envy creep into stopping your productivity?”



Raise Your Voice in Our First Industry Survey

“Look out for our annual survey coming out in just a few weeks time – where we aim to get your opinion on the key topics that will impact affiliate programs, business development, and making connections to help you grow your affiliate business.

If you ever wanted to have your say on what you’d like us to deliver, we’re putting you at the heart of our planning this year. This is your chance to make your voice heard. Gain access to everything you need to know to run your programs successfully and learn from industry experts who are coming along with Affiverse to help educate the world on performance marketing – done better!”


Listen to find out more, about:

  • Lessons learned in 2023.
  • The two incredible virtual learning summits we delivered (AMPLIFY and ELEVATE) along with the new AMLeaders in person training at PILive – ultimately reaching more than 5000+ people in affiliate marketing around the globe.
  • What’s coming up in Season 15.


Key segments of this podcast and where you can tune in to go direct:

[06:53] Lessons learned from 2023

[11:45] Spotlight on clients and future plans 

[17:00] Time to tell us your plans for 2024


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