New web design trends to watch out for

If you want to make your site stand out you have to keep up with UX and design trends. We’ve summarised a few of the new design trends to help your affiliate site get noticed.


We’re no longer limited to just a few fonts, you can use typography to make your brand much more dynamic. Don’t limit your creative juices to your logo, really think about how you can convey your brand voice all over your site. Large typefaces and bold lettering makes a site feel much more modern too. 

Hero Images

Big, bold images are what it’s all about in 2018, so think about how you can incorporate this into your site. These hero images do for your site what a statement piece would do in your home. This gives a clear focal piece to the site and shows your user where to look. The big caveat here is that the image has to be responsive for mobile users, don’t let it obscure the entire site on mobile. 

This is something we see on modern, sleek sites, but it’s not really used in iGaming. Many sites in this sphere are built in a very similar way, with a header and outdated fonts. Don’t be afraid to go against the flow with something that will make your site really stand out. 

Semi Flat Design

A flat design with dynamic themes is really pleasing to the eye and creates a nice user experience. So what does this mean? Sites that have a flat set of buttons that respond to your scroll are a good example, you can see this in place on our site. We have flat tiles, but as you scroll over them the stories are emphasised. 

Again, this is something that you’ll find outside of iGaming trends where lists and banner advertising still make up a lot of the visual content for site layouts but by implementing it on your site, you could make it more attractive for your users. 

Dynamic Product Images

You might think that as an affiliate, you don’t have a product to showcase, but you’d be wrong there! Users want to see what they’re getting before they go to your operator partner site, so give them a taste of this. Show screenshots and snippets of the site that they’re going to, as always giving your honest opinion on their efficacy. By doing so, you’re making it easy for them to transition to the site, as they know what they’re getting. 


Pinterest is one of the most under utilised social platforms, especially for the iGaming industry. By taking inspiration from this, you can create offer cards that your users will love. Allow them to pin offers and operators to their own dashboard and you have a converting machine. You can see this in use on a lot of ecommerce sites, but we’re yet to see an affiliate site really make this work.

Personalisation is now easier than ever thanks to cookies, so take advantage of these to create a website that actually remembers what your user is looking for. 

Video Features

We all know now that video is important, but you might be struggling to make the connection to your own site. You’ve got to think about what would add value for your users, then deliver that in this format. For example, if you’re recommending a certain payment method like PayPal then show them how to use it. You can even give them a walkthrough of the site, making that conversion even easier. 

Investing in expertise for your web design and UX will bring in more conversions and that impacts your bottom line revenue. Take lessons from other industries in order to make your site more unique. Remember the customer that visits your site, also visits these other sites when browsing the web so smart design used in other channels can help make users feel familiar before they read further about your product and service.

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