Web, Mobile, AMP – Why affiliates should look now for growth in SERPS

The way in which we use the internet has changed a lot over the past few years. With over 50% of all internet traffic now coming from mobile devices, it is extremely important that you make sure that you are fully optimising your affiliate portal across all devices. 
Web, Mobile, and AMP browsing are all different and as an affiliate you need to take them into consideration when looking to boost your search engine rankings.  Long gone are the days where affiliates could launch a word press website with a bit of content and expect conversions to flood in. Users expect more from their online experience,  so what should you be doing now to get ahead of the different  platforms and search platforms to keep acquiring new audiences?


Web pages are of the first ways many people will have and still continue to experience the internet. When you start up any internet browser on any laptop or desktop computer; the original building blocks of the web are still popping up in the traditional search rankings. 
Learning how to fully optimise these pages for search engines has been important ever since computers became an everyday household item. For years, SEO specialists have worked on the strategy that ensures that their websites remain at peak performance, but the advent of mobile technologies has meant that UX becomes more important not just the content you have on the page. Site speed is something that can affect your rankings so it’s important to consider the type of page or platform you want to use to acquire traffic outside of the traditional website page.

Mobile Apps

A mobile web responsive page has become more important and it is also instantly distinguishable from a regular web page. If you are browsing on your phone and you find a web page that looks identical to how it would look on your laptop, it has not been correctly optimised for mobile users. 
True mobile optimisation has simpler menus and buttons designed for clicking with fingers as opposed to with a mouse. In order to make the upper cut – your affiliate site needs to be user-friendly for mobile devices with a strong focus on UX to make navigation easier for users. It’s not enough to just duplicate the site for mobile and hope for the best. With the developments in Google’s Mobile Index, the search engine will more often than not use the mobile content for indexing and ranking.  To stand a chance of competing – you need to make sure your site is mobile ready. 

AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP, or Accelerated Mobile Pages, is the new kid on the block, and a development strategy that has proven effective for affiliates. It is a Google initiative launched in October 2015 that allows you to strip your pages of unnecessary code and other annoyances for mobile browsers. This will vastly boost the load times of your website, something key for anyone wishing to attract mobile browsers.
If you are running a website with AMP, then you will receive a special Google tag on search engine results. Nobody wants to wait for a page to load, and AMP is the best way of making that happen.  When you think of AMP, think of instant articles for Facebook but for search results.  

Why should affiliates take notice?

In a competitive industry – it’s vital that you are looking at any way to boost your presence online, and these factors should be on the top of your priority list. 
With an estimated 80% of all web traffic coming via mobile by 2020, you need to have a clear strategy for mobile – and do your research into AMP.  In a recent poll taken by Google – 51.14% stated that they are more likely to click on an AMP link than a regular one.  This is something that you just can’t ignore. 
They key to improving your SERPs results is to always look to improve.  Test your dwell times, your CTR from SERPs, your engagement levels and find the best strategy for you.  
If you want to learn more tactics that will allow you to become more effective as an affiliate, then book your ticket to the Affiverse Bootcamp 2019.  This targeted event will help you make the most of your affiliate business and keep ahead of digital trends. 

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