WantMyBet founder repurposes Football Survivor for real-money betting

WantMyBet has launched a real-money version of Football Survivor, a game where players can predict Premier League results. The new paid edition was launched on Christmas Eve.

Beforehand, the game had been free-to-play. It had been known as Last Man Standing until April 2019, when WantMyBet founder John Oshi revived the concept and became Football Founder CEO. WantMyBet itself is a social betting network, so its values align with that of Football Survivor.

What is Football Survivor?

Football Survivor is a peer-to-peer betting app. Rather than wagering with bookmakers, the service allows players to bet with their friends. Players have to pick one winning team from each week’s round of Premier League fixtures.

The twist is that once a team has been chosen, that person can’t use them again afterwards. Hence the name ‘Football Survivor’.

Football Survivor is permitted to offer its services by the UK Gambling Commission.


Players have the choice to either participate in private league with their friends, or public ones with others. Payout structure can be determined by those involved. For example, one league might be ‘winner takes it all’. But in others, those who finish second might receive a share of the cash.

The market that players wager on is also customisable. While the normal concept is just to pick the winning team, league admins can choose other markets such as corners won and so on.

It’s also possible to choose the number of lives that contestants have, ranging from one to 10. A life will be lost every week a player loses. Entry fees, minus admin fees, will make up the ultimate winnings pot.

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