Wager sees potential in content-focused affiliates

London-based social betting start-up Wager sees potential in content focused affiliates, according to co-founder Elliott Robinson.

Elliott Robinson – Wager, co-founder

The gambling app, which launched 9 August, focuses solely on football betting and is seeking to move wagering away from traditional bookmaker targets via tapping into betting’s ‘growing social trends’.

When discussing the possible incorporation of affiliates, Robinson stated: “We don’t plan to be on the affiliate sites that are very much price driven – the sort of things that are very price focussed and in your face, ‘download this and get £20 off’.

“What we see a lot of potential in is more content focussed affiliates with strong brands, be it ‘Footy Accumulators’ who we’re speaking to at the moment or ‘TalkSport’ even to a degree – companies with an audience, a point of view and a strong brand. 

“Companies like ‘MatchPint’ even. They have a very receptive audience to what we are doing and a strong brand that people value, so we’d like to have partnerships with those guys.”

Fellow Oxford University graduate Leo Barnes joins Robinson at Wager’s helm, with the enterprise also being backed by London venture capital fund, Forward Partners.

Looking towards the future of the start-up, Robinson concluded: “Ultimately our vision is to be the digital hub for all friend-to-friend competition and betting, be it sweepstakes, a round of golf or these bets on the football.

“That’s the ultimate dream and vision, so that means a roadmap of fundamentally social features like leagues, where a group of friends can track their head-to-head betting against each-other, and activity feeds of what your friends are betting on and what the result was.” 

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