Veikkaus brings forward ID verification for slots

Finnish gambling monopoly Veikkaus has decided to push forward the implementation of compulsory ID verification for slots. They had previously pledged to roll out this feature at the end of January but they have now officially announced the start date as 12 January 2021.

Compulsory ID verification

This latest announcement from Veikkaus comes after their pilot programme for account-based play started back in September. This ID verification rule will only apply to devices that are hosted in third party locations. For slot arcades owned by Veikkaus, account-based play will be rolled out during the summer of 2021.

As of 12 January, players in third-party arcades must log in to gamble on the slots that they want to play. This ID verification tactic also allows players to exclude themselves from various terminals.

An interesting time for Veikkaus

This company has been making headlines recently due to their removal of a large number of slots across Finland. They will have taken 8,000 offline by the end of the year.

They have also been forced to shut many arcades across the country due to COVID-19. Senior Vice President of Channels and Sales, Jari Heino said: “The authorities have access to the best expertise available as regards the coronavirus pandemic, and we will naturally act in compliance with their instructions.”

Compulsory ID verification for land-based slots in Finland indicates that further action will be taking regarding compliance and age verification in this country. Online operators and affiliates should stay in line with the regulations to avoid any breaches.


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