How to use the World Cup for better casino targeting

The World Cup is creating a massive splash for sports betting affiliates, as they seek to monetise the increase in organic traffic that such a large sporting event brings. However, they’re not the only ones that should be jumping at this opportunity as casino affiliates can also seek to improve their game plan at this time. 

Using casino games as an advantage in search listings

Creating relevant content around casino games can easily get you a slice of that World Cup traffic. So how exactly do you go about that? The first way is to identify unicorn keywords around these related games. For example, let’s take Football Champions Cup as our game to focus in on. If we just search “Football Champions Cup slot” we can see the following organic results:






As the originator of the game, it’s no wonder that we see NetEnt top of the SERPs. Just below that, we have two very high authority sites using a Schema Markup review for more space. However, if we use the keyword “Football Champions Cup slot review” we start to get a bit more diversity in the SERPs. 











While you may not be able to overtake the likes of established affiliate sites such as Ask Gamblers, you may be able to improve your site and create great content to overtake smaller affiliates who are competitive and in your immediate peripheral view. Use this research as a starting point and you will be able to find and target a range of keywords for true unicorns that you can use in your content marketing strategy to bring in new traffic.

Use the competitive landscape to inform your content marketing strategy, look at what are they doing that you could perhaps do better. The devil is in the detail here but being savvy can help you get a real competitive edge at a time when there will be a growing interest in these search terms.  Adding in eye catching meta descriptions and a rating system could be a good place for smaller affiliates to start. You may also want to build links to gain more authority within these pages. 

Looking at the related searches, Google also knows that this is a NetEnt game. This means it’s logical to create an inner page and to use the term NetEnt within your descriptive content but don’t just stuff it in there for the sale of it. You need to confirm that there will be a relation for this term for a reason – see high performing search term results we saw below referencing NetEnt:







You can also use this information to build a wider group of keywords that link together to create a relevant section of the site. This means you can start bringing in organic traffic from all of these different keywords. 

Creating and distributing exciting content

Although you have identified the opportunity, you need to write and distribute the content that is going to really drive traffic and engagement. There are hundreds of articles out there relating to football themed slots, so why does yours deserve any attention? 

This is the core question that should drive you to success in every facet of your content creation. Think about what your ideal user searches for during the World Cup and give that to them. They may be looking for football themed slot games, but how will you deliver this content in a new and exciting way? You could use videos, themes and even giveaways that no one else is doing. 

Using a giveaway to capture data in the wake of GDPR is a brilliant idea, as you can replenish your list of emails with a relatively small investment. Use something football themed, like games or football strips, to get the punters interested in this giveaway and then market relevant games to them. If you want to use basic ideas for content, then create something that’s more in depth or interesting than your competitors. Flash games and interactive elements will reduce your bounce rate. This will in turn give you a boost in the SERPs too.

Pushing this content out on social media will also help to give you strong social signals. Research and jump on relevant trends with content that will seal the deal with your followers. From there, it’s a case of rinsing, repeating and always getting better. You have an entire month to refine your strategy and make it work for you. Don’t be discouraged if you feel like a single casino affiliate among a sea of sports ones, use this to your advantage and lead the pack.

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