‘Unmention’ Feature Added To Twitter

Twitter has just announced that all users of the platform are now able to ‘unmention’ themselves from any Twitter conversations. This has been in the works for over a year now and allows users to delete links to their profile on conversations they no longer want to take part in.

The unmention feature will allow users to untag their username from all tweets and replies, prevent users from mentioning you again anywhere within a reply change and remove notifications about the specific exchange.

It is important to note that your username will still be visible in text form, however, you won’t be involved directly in the exchange once you have activated the unmention feature.

This feature works in a similar way to removing a tag from a photo on other social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, but this is directly used for Twitter chats. This means users can have more control over their in-app experience.

Drawbacks to this could involve users taking less responsibility for their comments and interactions, however, it is giving people the option to interact how they want and instil distance between themselves and certain interactions if they should wish to do so.

Twitter has recently introduced a selection of safety tools that are similar to ‘unmention’ such as ‘circles’ which provides a more enclosed discussion on Twitter, tweet audience controls, safety mode, communities and more. These tools all work toward helping users to have more control over their experiences on Twitter.

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