Unlock Your Affiliate Advantage: The FXGT.com Partnership Program

FXGT Partners, a prominent name in the fintech industry, recognises the power of partnerships and offers a comprehensive program designed to empower individuals and businesses to profit from the world of currency trading. FXGT.com inspires confidence in any introducing broker seeking a fruitful partnership.

This article delves into the intricacies of FXGT’s partnership programs, exploring their structure, benefits, and unique features for various tiers, including rebate structures and master affiliate accounts.

A Streamlined Path to Success: The FXGT.com Partnership Program

FXGT’s partnership program caters to a broad spectrum of individuals and businesses seeking to enjoy flexibility and freedom. Whether you’re a seasoned affiliate marketer, a social media influencer, or a website owner with a dedicated audience, FXGT provides the tools and support to turn your network into a revenue stream.

Simple Registration and Account Management

Getting started with FXGT’s partnership program is a breeze. The registration process is straightforward, requiring basic information through a user-friendly online form. Once registered, you gain access to your personal dashboard, allowing you to monitor your earnings, track referrals, and access marketing materials. An Affiliate Manager will then contact you to discuss the partnership program that best suits your needs.

Tailored Partnership Options:

  • FXGT.com recognises that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t suffice in the diverse landscape of referral business. That’s why FXGT.com provides a range of partnership options to accommodate various needs and risk appetites.
  • The commission-based program is perfect for individuals or businesses with established audiences. You’ll earn commissions based on the trading activity generated by your referrals.
  • For seasoned partners who can introduce high-volume traders or institutions to FXGT.com, there is a specialised rebate structure tailored to the overall trading volume generated by your referrals.


Unlocking Earning Potential: The Tiered Rebate System

The FXGT partnership program features a tiered rebate system, incentivising partners to generate higher volumes of qualified referrals. As your network grows and your referrals become more active traders, you’ll climb the tiers, unlocking progressively higher rebate percentages. This system rewards dedicated partners and encourages long-term collaboration.

A Multi-Level Affiliate Structure: Building Your Affiliate Network

Rewards for being an FXGT.com Partner are structured as below:

  1. Master Affiliate: Partners can receive payouts up to two levels of Sub Affiliates. Affiliates who refer clients directly qualify for 100% (Level 1) commission. They are also eligible to receive an additional 10% (Level 2) commission on the earnings of the Sub Affiliates they refer, or 5% (Level 3) commission on the earnings of affiliates that their Sub Affiliates refer.


This advanced program allows you to build your own sub-affiliate network and earn additional commissions based on the activity generated by your sub-affiliates. This program fosters a collaborative environment where partners can build mutually beneficial partnerships within the FXGT.com ecosystem.

  1. Sub Affiliates 1: A Sub Affiliate 1 will earn 100% (Level 1) commission on their referred clients, and an additional 10% (Level 2) commission on the earnings of Sub Affiliates that they refer (Sub Affiliate 2).
  2. Sub Affiliates 2: Sub Affiliates 2, referred by ‘Sub Affiliates 1’, are entitled to 100% commission (Level 1) on the clients they refer.


You can explore the commission calculator to estimate a total potential payout online on the FXGT.com partner’s website.  This tool enables you to view the commission tiers of: Elite, Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

Beyond Rebates: Additional Benefits for Partners

While rebates are a core component of the program, FXGT.com offers additional benefits to empower its partners. These include:

  • Dedicated Affiliate Managers: Partners are assigned dedicated affiliate managers who provide ongoing support and personalised guidance.
  • Comprehensive Marketing Materials: FXGT.com equips partners with a comprehensive arsenal of marketing materials, including banners, landing pages, and educational resources, to effectively promote FXGT.com’s services.
  • Real-time Tracking and Reporting: Partners have access to a user-friendly dashboard that provides real-time tracking and detailed reports on their referrals’ activity and earnings.

Regional Promotions: Tailoring Opportunities to Specific Markets

Understanding the nuances of different regions is crucial for success. FXGT.com recognises this and tailors various promotions and marketing strategies to resonate with local audiences. By staying updated on regional promotions offered by FXGT.com, partners can leverage these opportunities to further enhance their earning potential.

Transparency and Trust: Building Long-Term Partnerships

FXGT prioritises transparency and trust in its partnerships. Partners have access to a dedicated support team for any questions or concerns. Additionally, FXGT.com provides clear and concise program terms and conditions, ensuring a fair and predictable environment for all participants.

Conclusion: Partnering for Success with FXGT.com

The FXGT.com partnership program presents a compelling opportunity for individuals and businesses. The program’s flexibility, tiered rebate system, dedicated support, and access to comprehensive marketing tools empower partners to maximize their earning potential. The company’s commitment to regulatory compliance ensures a secure trading environment for clients, adhering to stringent industry standards. With its commitment to transparency, trust, and regional tailoring, FXGT.com fosters long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships that drive success for both partners and the company.

Ready to embark on your journey as a successful FXGT.com partner? Partner up with FXGT.com today!

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