Ukraine approves 10% tax rate for gambling

A flat 10% rate for all forms of gambling has been approved by Ukraine’s Committee on Finance, Tax and Customs Policy. This comes as a gambling tax bill has been approved with changes coming into place shortly.

A single rate approved across all verticals

Bill 2713-d was originally put forward by Committee Chair Oleg Murasyak who hoped that it would complement the Gambling Act that was signed into law in August 2020. According to the bill, a 5% GGR tax would be placed on bookmaking whereas online gambling and lotteries would face a 10% tax rate. In comparison, a 12.5% rate for slot machines was proposed.

However, after much discussion, a single rate was approved for all verticals in Ukraine instead. Additionally, any operators in this region will be required to pay an 18% general corporate tax rate.

New laws on gambling winnings

Operators are not the only people to be targeted by the new tax laws in Ukraine. New laws will also apply to players who manage to win more than eight month’s minimum wage. This means that these winnings will be taxed as income and so players must be aware of how they are using these products.

The new bill set out by Ukraine’s Committee on Finance, Tax and Customs Policy will also abolish the requirement that was previously in place for gaming license fees to be increased.

While this new bill is still yet to be approved by the Rada, it is expected to be signed into law relatively soon. For now, any operators, players and affiliates in Ukraine must be aware of what they need to do when it comes to paying taxes when the time comes.

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