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UK Overhaul of Licensing Application Processes

The Gambling Commission of Great Britain has made the announcement that they will be overhauling licensing application processes, including the scrapping of the dedicated account manager model.

The regulator has stated that individual operators will not have a specific point of contact, and licensing will instead form four sub-categories with each one responsible for a different area of work.

The Gambling Commission will take on the responsibility of processing operator licensing applications. The operating license group is responsible for the processing of applications that relate to any changes in existing operator licences, and the personal license group will be responsible for the processing of all personal license applications.

The Gambling Commission released a statement: “We are changing our working practices to make the best use of our resources,

“By working in this way, we hope to be able to process applications more quickly. We also hope to be able to resolve queries more efficiently and effectively.”

These changes to licensing application processes come as the Gambling Commission is waiting for the Gambling Act white paper to be published, after a thorough review of the 2005 Gambling Act

It was noted last week by a part of Great Britain’s Gambling Act Review, the Gambling Business Group (GBG), that the white paper appears to be set to be published imminently.

It is expected that the white paper will address a variety of topics in the gambling sector such as affordability checks, stake limits and universal deposit limits, as well as investigate the restrictions that are placed on bonuses and advertising.

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