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UK cabinet reshuffle places Nadine Dorries in Culture Secretary role

The UK government has recently undergone a cabinet reshuffle. This has removed some ministers from their roles and placed others in their positions. One of the most significant new appointments is that of Nadine Dorries to the role of Secretary for Digital Culture, Media and Sport.

Dorries has served as an MP since 2005 and has previously been a Minister of State for Mental Health, Suicide, and Patient Safety.

This new appointment could be of interest to affiliates and affiliate managers as the DCMS is the department of the government that oversees the British gambling industry and regulations. The department is currently conducting a review of the 2005 Gambling Act.

The review is due to look at marketing used, limits, and the UK Gambling Commission itself, with a white paper due to be published with recommendations later in 2021.

Some appointments unchanging

Though Dorries has been placed as the head of the department, John Whittingdale will continue to act as the Minister for Media and Data. In his role, he oversees the lottery and other aspects of the gambling industry.

He has thought to be supportive of the gambling industry, whereas Dorries’ position is unknown. With potentially important changes to come to the gambling sector, program managers should watch carefully to see whether Dorries or Whittingdale has an influence in the outcome.

In addition to the changes in this cabinet reshuffle, Kwasi Kwarteng retains his role as the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. Though his focus is on global emissions and climate change, program managers should keep a watch for changes to legislation that could affect their activities.

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