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UK-based Highlight Games expands into Romanian Market

UK-based iGaming supplier Highlight Games has announced that they have officially obtained a licence to distribute their virtual video sports games in Romania.

Strengthening their position in Europe

Highlight Games received their Class II licence from the Romanian Gambling Authority earlier this January. As such, their portfolio of virtual video sports games – including NBA Last 60 and SoccerBet – will soon be available to Romanian operators and customers.

This is brilliant news for the UK-based supplier. Their expansion into Romania (which has a relatively underdeveloped iGaming market) has strengthened their overall position in the European online gambling industry.

Growing the Romanian virtual sports market

Steven Holmes, the Co-CEO of Highlight Games, had this to say of the news: “I’m delighted to confirm that our products are now available to our partners in Romania. Europe is a hugely important market for our business and it’s fantastic to now include Romania in the list of countries in which our games are now available.”

He continued: “Highlight Games’ total online turnover in Italy has increased by 455 per cent since the start of the first national lockdown in 2020, demonstrating the continuing growth in popularity of our video virtuals across all channels. We look forward to recreating the successes we have seen in Italy within the Romanian virtual sports market.”

iGaming affiliates should try following this supplier’s path and set their sights on Romania to strengthen their foothold in Europe.

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