Twitter to push forward with podcast access in audio tab

Social media platform Twitter is pushing on with its idea to make popular podcasts available in the audio tab section of the site. This addition is set to become a reality in the very near future and will sit alongside the ‘spaces’ section of the tab which facilitates live audio conversations amongst users.

This decision has been met with some doubt because as of yet there hasn’t been a great deal of demand amongst Twitter users for any sort of audio discovery. However, the platform seems determined to push on with the changes as a way to distinguish themselves with features that creators cannot find anywhere else.

The platform had this to say about the idea:

“Fans love to see when their favorite podcasts are launching a new season, going on tour, or endorsing a fellow podcast for their next listen. Up-and-coming and established podcasters alike are using Twitter to help expand and inform their audience.”

Although some critics are sceptical as to the  relevance of such a change, this could give Twitter the chance to pull back some appeal in the eyes of content creators as it widens the publishing possibilities on the app. Real time engagement is where Twitter thrives as the ‘home of breaking news and updates,’ so the question is whether audio features can ever really be a part of this ethos.

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