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Twitter published strategy guide for brands and professionals using the platform

Twitter has launched a strategy guide aimed at businesses and professionals that will help with their social media marketing on the site.

This strategy guide, perhaps created in an attempt to boost social media marketing on the platform, offers both key and basic ideas to get started plus in depth analysis of trends and information to allow you to be seen on a grander scale.

The strategy guide shows you how to create your business Twitter profile, how to make a good first impression, what to Tweet, how to connect with your audience and how to measure your success on the site. Everything a growing affiliate partner or manager needs to get started.

As explained by Twitter in the guide: “People come to Twitter to discover #WhatsHappening. When your business is on Twitter, you connect with the conversations that matter to your community, which helps your business grow and thrive. In a study about how people interact with brands on social media, we found Twitter was the #1 platform for brand interaction.”

“Brands come to Twitter to connect to the culture and to be a part of what’s happening. On Twitter, people are in a discovery mindset, so businesses and professionals are likely to make a lasting impression. Your audience is already on Twitter and they’re listening. By bringing your business on Twitter, you can connect with our powerful and passionate audience, make an impact, and drive results.”

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