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Twitter launches upgraded analytics card for performance

The social media platform, Twitter, has launched a new analytics card for users to better understand the performance of their posts.

Tweet data

The new insights into your posts’ performance can be seen alongside every Twitter post. The updated display allows users to access more specific information on the performance of their Tweets, as well as extra engagement elements included in the gathered data.

Where users could once only see the total engagements and “impressions” (or the times a user saw the post) their posts gained, now users can see replies, retweets, and likes with a percentage of improvements on past posts. Plus, users will see impressions, profile visits, new followers, link clicks, and media views.

Also, if you click the “View engagements” button on the new format, you will gain even more data insights for a specific Tweet.

Why is it important?

This is a vast improvement for Twitter, which has been criticized for being behind the times with its analytics tools, making it an unpopular platform for marketers. This has led to a lot of third-party analysis tools being developed to better wade through the data.

With brands all over the world using Twitter as an important platform to engage with their customers, the upgrade is welcomed by affiliate marketers. With the data now reliable and from the source, marketers can watch the performance of their Tweets and gauge engagement. This will lead to better-informed decisions in creating content intended to reach an audience and prompt a sale.

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