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Twitter launches Brand Connect Playbook for marketers

Twitter has launched a Brand Connect Playbook for the sake of social media marketers to help boost their brands on the platform.

As explained by Twitter:

“In December 2021, we started testing a new forecasting tool called Campaign Planner. Designed to make it even easier for our ad industry partners to make informed media investments on Twitter, Campaign Planner allows advertisers to forecast estimated results before they launch the campaign.”

“There are so many things to consider when planning and running a successful social campaign – enough to fill an entire playbook, in fact. We’ve compiled our best data, learnings, and tips from our own marketers, customer success specialists, account managers, and creative team to create your one-stop shop for Twitter Ads success.”

The playbook features insights on how to accumulate awareness, interest, engagement, intent, and actions, and how Twitter’s ad features help to acquire these marketing goals. Options that Twitter puts forward to aid these include Twitter Takeover, Twitter Amplify, Twitter Live, Twitter Takeover, and more. There are also studies on Twitter engagement and tips for creative ways to boost your Tweets.

It makes for a useful insight considering that Twitter has been a difficult place to navigate when it comes to marketing. Historically, Twitter’s platform has offered little room for creativity when it comes to marketing. This Brand Connect Playbook should allow social media marketers to connect the dots on useful marketing features on the platform.

You can find out all the details of Twitter’s Brand Connect Playbook for yourself and see how you can apply it to your social media campaign. Download the full Twitter Brand Connect Playbook here.

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