Twitter is embracing cryptocurrency

It seems Twitter is embracing the idea of cryptocurrency, with new features to aid those trading in the new currency.

Twitter and crypto

Twitter is already the unofficial hub of crypto, with the finance savvy often sharing advice and showcasing new investments on the app. CEO Jack Dorsey has also long displayed his interest in cryptocurrency. His Twitter bio, for example, says only one thing: #bitcoin. He also has experience with cryptocurrency, with his other business, Square, booming due to its cryptocurrency trading platform.

And it seems the platform has now gone all in, with new features implemented in mid-September that will aid the tech and finance savvy as they trade.

New features

The upgrades include expanding Twitter’s “Tip Jar” feature to include Bitcoin as a currency and NFT authentication.

Previously, Twitter’s Tip Jar was previously rolled out as a way for fans to offer their favourite creators money, like Patreon. The payment methods available have now been expanded to include Bitcoin users.

NFT’s, or non-fungible tokens, have taken off as the new way to buy and sell art. NFTs are digital assets, usually JPEG artworks, that go for unimaginable prices due to the idea that there is one and it is yours. There are others like it, but not it. Twitter is working on an authentication solution to determine whether a user actually owns the JPEG they are saying is one-of-a-kind.

But that’s not all

Twitter is also rolling out a range of other features, including social audio for Spaces, which will allow audio content on the app. There is also now the ability for users to post their newsletters straight into their bio. This will allow for easier subscriber sign-ups. And, taking a tip from Reddit, “Communities” offers a new option for users to tweet to a particular group of selected followers, narrowing the audience down to a particular topic instead of the entire platform.

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