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Twitter faces German fines for failing to remove illegal content

Elon Musks’ Twitter utopia is now under real scrutiny. The stripped-back moderation process, with a stripped-back hands-on team to boot, was bound to cause the platform some issues eventually. Now, Germany is looking to fine Twitter for failing to remove illegal content on the platform. Specifically, the German Federal Justice Office (or BfJ), has said that Twitter has failed to comply with the country’s hate speech removal requirements.

According to SocialMediaToday: “Under the German Network Enforcement Act, all social media platforms need to respond promptly to user reports of illegal content, with a maximum seven-day turnaround time, though a response can be required within 24 hours for ‘clearly illegal’ cases. Failure to meet these requirements can be punished under Germany’s criminal code and can result in fines of up to €50 million.”

As per the BfJ: “Numerous content was reported to the BfJ that was published on Twitter, which the authority considers illegal and, despite user complaints, was not deleted or blocked by the provider within the legally stipulated periods. The fine proceedings initiated are based on this.”

“All content contains similar, unjustified, defamatory statements of opinion, all directed against the same person. According to the BfJ, they constitute an offence.”

Wasn’t he warned? That “free speech” will be abused by people who want to practice hate speech? He was warned.

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