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Twitter dropped from Microsoft Digital Marketing Centre

The Microsoft Digital Marketing Centre management platform is a tool that businesses can use to manage their online presence, with options for control of social media accounts, organic content, and advertising campaigns.

The Digital Marketing Centre is compatible with most of the major social media platforms, providing an all-in-one channel for businesses to optimise their content strategies.

However, according to recent reports, Twitter is set to be dropped from the service, news which will come as a blow to the micro-blogging site, which has seen brands and advertisers leave the platform in droves since Elon Musk’s controversial takeover.

Currently, Digital Marketing Centre users can use the platform to post and schedule Tweets, respond to private messages, and manage ad campaigns. These features are all set to be removed, which will significantly impact Twitter ad spend.

Microsoft hasn’t as yet confirmed why Twitter is being dropped from the Digital Marketing Centre, but it is likely connected to recent updates to Twitter’s API pricing structure, a move that increased the cost of accessing the platform and outpriced a number of smaller companies and developers.

Twitter has lost half of its major advertisers since Musk bought the platform, with brands citing concerns over the spike in hateful content. The API pricing update has worked to further alienate Twitter, with Microsoft’s decision to step away from the platform simply another consequence of Musk’s questionable business decisions.

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