Twitter capitalises on video content with new six-second bit unit

In a new move which will see the social media platform attempt to capitalise on the current trends in video advertising, Twitter is planning to roll out a new six-second bit unit as part of its platform redesign, which both affiliates and operators will be able to use.

The new video tool will be made available across both mobile and desktop to operators and affiliates that are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). 

Set to become globally accessible, the tool can be used within promoted video, in-stream video sponsorship and in-stream video ads for assets 15 seconds or less in length.

Current advertising policies for UK-based gambling adverts on Twitter mean that ‘Sites driving traffic to gambling operators in the UK–(except lottery aggregators) such as affiliates, tips or odds sites–are permitted as long as they do not require a license or other permission for their activities.’

The policy adds: ‘If an advertiser’s status changes in this regard, or they are the subject of any ruling of a legal, regulatory authority, or industry body pertinent to their activities, they must inform Twitter immediately. These advertisers are only allowed with prior authorization from Twitter.’

Twitter will only charge advertisers if at least 50 per cent of the advert is on screen for six seconds or more. 

The new investment in video content follows on from the platform reporting a successful second-quarter in 2019, which highlighted a 20 per cent boost in ad engagements in the last 12 months. Twitter also emphasised that its engagements with video adverts demonstrated particular strength.

As part of a co-sponsored study with behavioural analytics company Eyesee, it was found that videos without audio that lasted less than six seconds were a significant driving force behind ad recall on mobile, providing the advert displayed strong, clear branding. This compares to the minute-long traditional linear TV commercial-style videos.

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