How to use Twitch in affiliate marketing

The most successful affiliate marketers don’t simply run ads or post out content whenever they see their competitor doing it – they are much more innovative in their approach. They find niches and capitalise on those before anyone else does. That way they can make the most of attention that will so far be underpriced. And that’s where Twitch comes in.

What is Twitch?

Let’s start with the basics. Twitch is a streaming platform that is owned by Amazon. The original concept was for gamers to be able to stream themselves playing games. When you browse Twitch, you will see people playing popular games such as Fortnite, PlayerUnknown Background and others that draw in millions of gamers. It’s also used for avid gaming fans to watch some of their favourite gamers enjoying adventure or role-playing games. With 2.2 million monthly streamers, it’s a marketing medium that can’t be ignored.

How is this useful in affiliate marketing?

Twitch is utilised by a highly engaged audience. As well as the streams themselves, there is always a steady flow of comments in the threads underneath, which makes it the perfect place to connect with audience members and generate a strong customer relationship.  
It’s a more involved type of influencer marketing which is being used much more readily as part of affiliate marketing campaigns. It’s more community focused as the streamers have already built up a high level of trust. The idea is to create a hub of people of a similar mindset and use that in your marketing efforts.

How do you get started with Twitch?

The first thing you need to do is become a Twitch partner or find another Twitch partner.  When looking for a Twitch partner, you should look for someone who has a healthy sized audience that is steadily growing and has high engagement levels.  You should also make sure that they broadcast on a regular basis and are compliant with Twitch’s terms of service.

Who is using Twitch?

There are lots of world-renowned brands using it as a marketing medium. KFC are a perfect example of a massive company using this to their advantage.  They partnered with a streamer to give away gift cards to advertise their chicken wings.
They chose their partner very carefully, they are a PlayerUnknown BattleGrounds player, and among PUBG circles, a common phrase used is “Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner”.
A little closer to home, AskGamblers has used Twitch remarkably well. They announced a partnership with SlotsFighter to push out valuable and exciting content or casino and slot fans.  
They had the fantastic idea of introducing casino battles where two players can take part and represent a casino operator. They battle-off against one another in different disciplines that will either be chosen by the viewer or a random wheel. The battles last 10 minutes and are great fun.  
If you are looking for a new and creative approach to your affiliate marketing, Twitch could be just that.  

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