Tune into the iGaming NEXT Power Hour on Friday

Keen to keep learning about the iGaming industry but short for time on your hands right now? Well you’re in luck, because the iGaming NEXT Power Hour will help you to do the former in little time this week.

And keeping in with the spirit of things, we’re going to keep this article short and snappy so you can find out what you can learn by tuning in on Friday.

The future of iGaming events 

It seems like a lifetime-and-a-half ago since we all headed to the ExCeL Centre for iGB Affiliate London in February. Since then, most industry events have been forced to move online. We don’t need to tell you why and if you’re probably not alone if you’ve dodged the beer section at your local supermarket to avoid seeing *that* word.

As the world slowly shows signs of recovery, it’s possible that we’ll be able to meet face-to-face again next year. However, it’s also likely that a lot will change in terms of safety protocols and what not.

At 3:30pm CEST on Friday, Affiverse CEO Lee-Ann Johnstone will discuss the above topic in a 20-minute session. She will be joined by Better Collective Head of Strategic Events Shona O’Donnell, as well as iGaming NEXT Co-Founder and Managing Director Pierre Lindh. The trio will seek to provide you with their insights on how they think events in the online gaming industry will change going forward.

iGaming NEXT Power Hour

About Power Hour 

The iGaming NEXT Power Hour is held on the first Friday of each month. As you can suggest from the name, everything is condensed into a short period of time so that you can gather insights from industry experts while also attaining to your busy daily schedule elsewhere.

You can sign up for free here to tune in for Lee-Ann’s session, as well as hear about a range of topics from other iGaming professionals either side of the panel discussion.

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