Tumblr looks to podcasts to bolster falling site traffic

Internet platform Tumblr has recently looked to podcasts to solve its long-time struggle for relevancy.

The platform aimed at micro-blogging once filled a niche space on the internet but is now being forgotten for the likes of platforms like Twitter which offer to convey users’ thoughts even more concisely or long-form blog-dedicated sites like Wix and WordPress. It seems with dwindling users and a mostly forgotten online presence, Tumblr is looking to podcasts.

The one podcast

Those looking to post their own podcasts may be disappointed, however. For now, all that has been announced is one weekly podcast named “Big Week on Tumblr”. It will cover all the major trends and events of the week into one short-form audio installment.

Tumblr’s head of editorial Cates Holderness said: “Each week brings new trending topics to the front of Tumblr’s explore page, but where did they come from?

“We’ll catch up with all the trends and memes bubbling up from the depths of the dashboard. Hear funny posts read by our resident robots and check in with charts and statistics.”

Effect on users

If Tumblr was to expand into becoming a podcast hosting site, which would suit its brand of being the platform people visit to dump their thoughts, it can only be good news. Another platform alongside Spotify and Apple Podcasts allowing users to post audio content will have influencers’ voices heard on yet another platform with a new, or really old, audience to listen. Online marketing will have another branch reaching to audiences ( See post on YouTube vs Spotify for Podcasting)

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