TotoGaming plans for international expansion

The new sportsbook and online casino, TotoGaming, has confirmed its plans to enter into new international markets after spending time on the development of its flagship betting product. 

Victoria Poghosyan, the Deputy COO of TotoGaming commented on the launch: “We are very excited about the international launch of TotoGaming. This brand has been active in Armenian local market for over 15 years. The team will be in Amsterdam to celebrate our launch with the iGaming community, and of course, we will come with surprises for affiliates and their most meticulous players”. 

The product, which is due to be powered by Digitain, will roll out a number of competitive features, including: a variety of high odds on almost any sports, engaging visualizations, super-fast Live betting, over 400 in-house traders covering 65 sports, 7500 leagues, 3000 betting markets, 40 000 pre-match monthly events and 30 000 real live monthly events.

The sportsbook and online casino has planned to focus on new advertising campaigns to support the launch, while also developing new gaming experiences – due to be bolstered through the operator’s customer service division, multiple payment solutions and content in several languages.

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