Top tips for building your affiliate community

Considering the number of iGaming affiliate programs being launched, it’s no wonder that affiliates are feeling a bit overwhelmed on which brands and offers they should promote.

As an affiliate manager, it’s important that you think not only of your existing affiliates but also how you can reach out to new ones.

Lee-Ann Johnstone discusses this topic in this week’s #AffiliateDriveTime. 

Not everybody is a social media expert, nor do they want to be in the limelight and speaking on-stage at events. So, how do you stand out and ensure that you’re networking with new affiliates? There are a couple of answers to that question.

You’ve got to build your community.

Here are a couple of tips to get you started with community-building.

Build an affiliate email list. Start to communicate helpful information. That means NO sales talk… just good advice and free tips. Start with affiliates who aren’t yet promoting your brand. And for those that are, ask if they’d like to join and refer some friends. 

Give valuable advice. This somewhat follows on from the above. Content is free and affiliates will thank you for it. You might be familiar with the give, give, give, ask concept,  where you provide value before asking to be promoted. This video talks a bit about doing that. Once you’ve watched it, think about what you can give before asking to be promoted.

Have a community or group building social presence. Show up where your audience is or go and find them online. You can do this on forums, as well as other places. Once you’ve found your crowd, add valuable information. Share, comment and be present and consistent. Then, you’ll be able to build your reputation. 

Automate your outbound marketing processes. Make time to be more active with your outreach. If this means building a pivot table to provide your boss with weekly reports, then so be it. You need to free up space in your calendar to be present in affiliate communities, because being a successful affiliate manager is a full-time job.

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