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Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Trends for 2024: Campaign Strategy Tips and Insights

The waters are never calm in the realm of advertising and affiliate marketing. To stay afloat, you need to keep swimming along with the new affiliate marketing trends for 2024 and creative marketing techniques that are being brought by the never-ending tide.

In such a scenario, having a life vest to hold on to sounds quite good. So here comes one with the name PropellerAds on it. 

We are talking about a multisource ad platform with 12 billion daily impressions, thousands of ad campaigns launched on desktop and mobile daily, exclusive ad formats, machine learning optimisation tools, and a 1.5 billion monthly audience reach. 

It’s the perfect jumping board when it comes to gaining new clients and growing your business.


Top 5 trends to follow in 2024

Given we just entered 2024, it’s the perfect time for you to make sure you seize all the opportunities the year ahead of us could bring. In that spirit, we prepared the list of top affiliate marketing trends, along with some guidelines to help you shape your marketing strategies and redefine your goals. We want you to stay on top of the game and dive into nothing but successful campaigns.


Trend #1: iGaming offers

The number of iGaming fans is expected to reach 243.2 million by 2028. With that in mind, and the fact that predictions say the market volume will reach $138.10 billion in the next four years, it’s clear where your head should be.

To leverage this potential and get your piece of iGaming cake, this is what we recommend:

  • If you have a website based on iGaming content, invest your time and money in SEO (search engine optimisation) to make sure its ranking is constantly high, or growing
  • Consider launching a Popunder campaign to get maximum reach, and then include Push Notifications for scalability
  • Pay attention to GEO targeting and get familiar with all the regulations within this niche


Trend #2: Utility Apps offers 

Here’s another promising market. Utility apps are consistent performers, but what to focus on at this very moment? We are giving you an exact guide on how to run a campaign on Utility offers:


Android iOS
Main offer types: Cleaners and VPNs VPNs, Adblockers, File and photo organizers
Ad formats: 50% Push, 40% Popunder, 6% Survey Exit, 4% Interstitial 90% Popunder, 6% In-Page Push, 4% Interstitial
Best conversion types: Focus primarily on installs, as these apps often monetize through in-app ads Opt for install or free trial opt-in with auto-renewal for monthly/yearly subscriptions
Top GEOs: USA, GB, IN, DE, MX and the majority of Tier 3 countries The US and other Tier 1 countries


Trend #3: eCommerce offers

When talking about eCommerce campaigns, it all comes down to how you optimise them. Embracing the right strategy is the key, and this is what PropellerAds suggests as key points:

→ Engage users who are genuinely interested; rely on Push notifications that cater to users who have willingly opted in 

→ Use PropellerAds features like Push Badges to increase campaign performance; they can work miracles with CTRs; Push notifications spiced with Badges can increase your CTR from 10% up to 200% and even higher

Target the right GEOs: United States, Mexico, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Colombia, Bulgaria and Poland

Diversify your content: special offers and promotions, alerts based on geolocation, eCommerce updates, mobile app promotions, etc.


Trend #4 Finance Apps offers

This type of offers is a bit tricky and more suitable for seasoned marketers, but if you tap into them, you will enter into the promised land. With digital wallets, mobile banking, insurance, and quick loans, the possibilities are endless. 

Let us give you some tips:

  • Focus on the Indian market
  • Launch your campaigns on Push notifications and Survey Exit, but select only specific survey types (Finance surveys) for laser-focused audiences
  • Test the PropellerAds new feature – Duplicate My Campaign to find similar targeting options and improve campaign results
  • Last but not least, limit your campaigns exclusively to legal and reliable trading platforms


Trend #5 Extensions

And the most unexpected trend predicted for 2024 is the expansion of the Extensions vertical. Especially in some particular GEOs, like the US, France, the UK, India, Germany, Spain, and Canada.


To make the most of it →


  • Launch a Popunder campaign (the most effective ad format in this niche), and then add Push Notifications that will help you connect with users in a non-pushy way
  • Focus on Anti-Virus Extensions and Coupon Deals
  • Keep your landing page clean, and make sure to put the spotlight on the product’s benefits
  • Go with the CPA Goal bidding model and optimize campaigns through careful automatic budget management to reach the desired conversion price you set


Time for new resolutions: Why PropellerAds?

Another fruitful decision at the beginning of the year could be to look for new partners in business. The ones that will never leave you to navigate through the dark alone. And who better than PropellerAds?

PropellerAds is a self-service platform that allows you to display your ads in a brand-safe environment while reaching only relevant audiences. How?

→ Thanks to advanced anti-fraud software that ensures partners’ traffic quality and purity.

What else can you count on with PropellerAds?


  • Worldwide coverage with 195+ GEOs you can reach
  • Unmatched automation features that will optimize your campaign instead of you, and save your time and budget while boosting conversions (CPA Goal and SmartCPM bidding models)
  • Multiple ad formats you can trust to catch your audience’s attention and convey your message the right way – Push Notifications, Popunder, Interstitials, In-Page Push, and the latest and the most exclusive ad format Survey Exit available at PropellerAds only
  • Unique performance-boosting tools to maximize your profits – Subzones (allows you to exclude non-profitable zones and subzones), Campaign Audience Reach (to target high-intent or/and wide audiences), Campaign Duplication (to scale traffic and conversions), Demographic and Interest targeting (to get access to custom-made audiences gathered by interest, age, and gender)


Make this 2024 your affiliate year! 


Launch PropellerAds Campaign Today

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