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Tips on building affiliate partnerships virtually

It is key to nurture relationships as an affiliate manager, but with face-to-face conferences a no go for the next few months, we need to be a little more innovative in how we keep communication going with our affiliate partnerships.  For now, going for a drink, or a nice dinner to build on conversations isn’t something we can do, particularly cross-country, so here are some tips as to how you can keep that momentum going until such times we can all be back together under one roof.

Attend Virtual Events

Some conference organisers have branched out and decided to go digital this year.  The experience might not be quite the same as it was before, but you can visit operators, suppliers, and affiliates on virtual stands – and listen to experts on panel discussions and presentations.  They have done their best to make things as interactive as possible, so they are definitely worth attending when you can.  There are some networking opportunities scheduled within most of them, so you will still be able to make contacts.

Make the Most of Tech

In the world of iGaming when we work across so many geo-locations and are used to liaising with contacts on Skype and other IM platforms.  The pandemic has taught us, that there are lots of other more personal ways to have a “virtual meeting”.  There is an increasing number of people who are using video calling via Skype, Zoom etc as a replacement for that face-to-face chat.

Create Virtual Parties

Since you can’t go and attend parties at conferences, there is no reason why you can’t host your own virtual parties.  It could be an idea to get all of your affiliate connections together for a little themed event.  That way, not only are you still keeping in touch with your partners and maintaining visibility, you are also creating a community network which can be incredibly useful.  If you manage to create useful connections for your connections, then you are more likely to be at the forefront of your mind.

Regular Checking In

This may seem obvious, but during this time – your affiliate partners will appreciate you checking in with them more than you normally would.  It could be that they are working from home and don’t have their team around them, or their circumstances have changed and would appreciate some extra support.  Pop a date in your calendar and offer a message of support – or even send your valued partners a nice gift to show them you are thinking about them.

All businesses are having to adapt to COVID-19, and affiliates are fairly lucky in that the space is so adaptable.  Affiliate managers have always had to be innovative in their approaches in an ever-changing industry.  Over the coming months, there is going to have to be more of the same when it comes to communicating with and building affiliate partnerships during the pandemic.

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