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Tips for managing international affiliate relations without events

The internet allows us to cast a net much wider than we would have been able to previously. This allows us to manage international affiliate programs easily regardless of where we might be based. Running international affiliate relations will bring many new challenges and opportunities to explore.

However, the current global situation means that you will not be able to travel to these countries to set up networking events and other starts that could get you settled in the new market. Let’s take a look at top tips to help you best manage these new international affiliate relations.

Know the market differences

No two markets are the same. Even neighbouring countries are going to have very different temperaments and cultural nuances that have to be addressed for the most success. It is also worth looking into some of the differences that might arise within the affiliate marketing landscape so you can meet any challenges head-on.

Do not forget to look at competitors and legal factors. It is important that anyone growing into a new marketplace is able to work in this new environment as easily as any local operator.

Be realistic

This is a foreign market to you, even if you do all the research you can to ensure you are starting on the best foot. You are going to need a firm understanding of both the capabilities of your brand and the existing affiliate landscape if you are to have both a successful launch and continued success. Make sure that you set realistic goals and expectations in this new market – your next few moves are likely to contain a lot of trial and error until you can find something that works.

Localise your operations

If you are moving into a non-English speaking market, you need to make sure that your translations are in place. All marketing materials should be in the local language, so the sooner you can find native speakers or experienced translators to help you out, the better. It is also advisable that you add in payment methods that use the local currency. If the support is there for customers from the start, you should find that new customers are more likely to engage with your program from its launch, compared to if you have to wait for language support.

Find the right support

No company can operate in international markets without local support. By taking a look at some of the service providers in the region you are expanding to, you should be able to find several options that work for your brand. They could be a SaaS platform, or even an agency or network. The latter is a fantastic option as they have the local knowledge needed to help you successfully integrate with the local markets.

Look to global partners too

While it is important to focus on localisation within a new market, you must also ensure that you are paying attention to brand awareness on a global level too. A global publisher is going to be able to help you increase brand awareness and really drive volume in areas where you might have seen a lag before. It can also reduce the points of contact that you are dealing with – leading you to effectively manage your relationships rather than deal with multiple contacts at once.

These are five key tips that all affiliates need to think about when launching into a new market. Though we are unable to set up events and other activities that can help us gain a foothold in a new area, there are still plenty of ways to best manage international affiliate relations.

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