Time for more advertisements as average time on Instagram goes up

Reports from eMarketer have confirmed that the amount of time people will spend on Facebook this year will remain unchanged from last year at 38-minutes. However, reports have indicated that an expected increase of 27-minutes will come for Instagram users.
Due to this, it may now be argued that Instagram is now where it is at. After Facebook dominated the realm for so long, Instagram is taking the most attention of all social media users.
With the extended focus time now being dedicated towards Instagram it leaves more time to focus affiliate marketing on the site. Personalised Instagram stories will now make it easier for affiliates to promote their brands after it was announced that the personalised stories will now be available on the explore tab.
As well as the addition of Instagram stories, the social media platform has also introduced the new navigation bar at the top of the explore page along side tabs for IGTV and Shoppable – with each tab being catered to the user’s interests.
Influencer marketing has become one of the most talked about digital mediums in the course of the past year, with many influencers using Instagram as their platform of choice. It’s by far becoming one of the most popular ways of marketing brands and products online.
When comparing the types of posts on Instagram, it is seen that videos tend to get more engagement that regular image uploads. In 2018, video uploads had been seen to receive more than double the amount of comments than regular image uploads.
On average, there are 150 comments per video post – the main thing to take from this for affiliates is that it its vital to ensure that there is a significant focus on video content; This can be done through creating permanent videos, Instagram stories, and through taking advantage of the highlights section of your profile.
Video creation doesn’t have to be expensive either, through easily accessible apps such as Ripl on your smartphone can help create simple animations and videos which can be easily tailored towards your brand.

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