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TikTok aids music creators with #NewMusic Hub launch

Aside from perhaps the Chinese management of the app, TikTok’s biggest criticism is its effect on the music industry. Big labels are telling stars like Halsey, Hozier, and Sam Smith that they need to go viral before they can release their music, and smaller artists aren’t reaping the benefits of their music going viral. However, recent moves by the company say they are trying to combat that. The latest attempt is with a #NewMusic Hub that will highlight the latest trending tracks and put the focus on new and well-known artists.

The TikTok community page explains that the #NewMusic Hub is a “dedicated space for artists around the world to showcase their new songs and for fans to discover their next favourite track”. The #NewMusic Hub is designed to be the one-stop destination for finding new music, shining a spotlight on new releases, and allowing easier access for fans to find their new favourite track from new and established artists.

It’s a love/hate relationship since it is a vital source of marketing, but rarely comes with sufficient credit or return on investment for the musician.

It’s not TikTok’s first attempt to aid musicians on the app. Previously, there was the SoundOn program, which allows independent artists to add their own tracks to the TikTok for use, complete with a license. Its Stem Drop feature is also used to spark music trends and it offers an extensive music library.

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